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03 June 2005 @ 01:55 pm
Down in the basement listening to the rain  
Song: Goldfinger (click to download)
Artist: Ash
Album: 1977

When I was younger I was one of the dirty rocker kids who cut school to go to someone's house and get drunk. The year that I was 14 my family moved to a new apartment that was on a quiet family oriented block. The house had an alley way next to it where the surrounding houses had their garages. This alley way was mostly used as a hangout place for the kids of the neighborhood. Some of those kids were my 2 neighbors, Liam and Irene. They lived in the house on the other end of the alley. I used to call it the bizzarro house because it looked just like mine but it was at the opposite side of the alley. They were the perfect teenagers, the opposite of myself. They both went to private religious schools, got good grades, were virgins, never drank or smoked, and spent a lot of time in church or with their family.
Despite the fact that we were so different, I became friends with Irene and Liam. I started hanging out with them more and more during the first summer that I lived in that house. Liam was on the track team at school and they invited me to go with them to some of his meets. I did go and while there I got to meet a lot of very smart, very good kids. I liked them and I felt like maybe I could fit in with them if I wanted to. I started bringing a few of my friends to the meets too.
I made friends with one guy named Pierre who happened to have a huge crush on Irene, the friend who brought me into this scene. After talking to him on the phone and trying to help him with his crush issues we became close. I have always been the type of person to make a mix tape for a new friend or ask them to make me one. We exchanged mixes and he put the song Goldfinger on my tape. I loved it immediately and asked him about it. He had gone to Ireland with school and found this band called Ash who hadn't been popular at all in America but were a huge success there. I had one of their promotional singles and realized that it was the same band that I liked. It was hard to find any information about them here back then so I never found any of their stuff until Pierre put their cd on to a tape for me. (Haha how old school!)
I felt bad for him because he was crushing on my friend so badly but I knew that my friend wasn't interested. I tried to gently ease him into accepting that but he wouldn't listen. He asked Irene to be his girlfriend while in my house after a track meet. She said no of course, and he was crushed. I kept in touch with him after this but he was too embarassed to face Irene. He was older than me and was graduating high school that year.
I was invited to his graduation party but I asked if I could bring Irene. I wanted them to work things out and face each other so that things wouldn't be awkward anymore. They agreed and made up but we all pretty much lost touch after he graduated. He went to Johns Hopkins to study medicine and we went on with our lives.
I moved away so I don't talk to Irene anymore either. This song will always remind me of the time in my life when I hung out with kids who belonged on Felicity or Dawson's Creek instead of with degenerate metal head drug addicts. I got to see how the other half lived, the good kids who were going to make something of their lives. The "Future of America" kids. Even though it was just for a few months it was an experience I will always remember. Ash has been since then and will always be one of my favorite bands. They've also let me bond with other people which I'm sure I'll write about sometime in the future.
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