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05 July 2005 @ 04:27 pm
Ancient prophecies all come to pass  
Song: The Girl With the Vagina Made of Glass (right click save as to download)
Artist: The Billy Nayer Show
Album: The American Astronaut Soundtrack

This song reminds me of a time when I really had absolutely no money. I could only do things if it was free or very cheap (like the price of train or bus fare). I used to go to movies that the Village Voice showed for free when I got the chance. They used to put ads in the paper every Wednesday when the new edition came out saying where to be to get free tickets. I went to a lot of these but the coolest one I can say by far was The American Astronaut.
I was waiting on line for tickets for "Corky Romano" (See? Not a very good selection of movies but hey beggars can't be choosers.) and someone handed me a postcard for The American Astronaut. I had never heard of it before and had no idea what it was about. The card proclaimed that it was the best indie movie of the decade and described it as "Laurel and Hardy directed by Salvador Dali." What does that even mean? I had no idea but it was free.. and my friends wanted to go so I went too.
We got to the theater it was showing at, a small art house theater in the village, and there was already a long line. We were all pretty skeptical about how good the film would be. We got inside and the director/star/one of the musicians on the soundtrack said a few words before the film started. The movie started and in the beginning it looks like an old sci fi movie so I was already kind of wanting to leave. It totally changes to a comedy soon after. My 3 friends and I were hysterical and looking at each other in disbelief that this movie was so much better than we expected.
One of the best parts about this movie is the soundtrack. My favorite part in the movie right after seeing it is when the villain of the movie sings a song about parties. "We'll throw up our hands and yell party party PARTY!" He sings this right after he massacred a whole planet of people. The absolute funniest song in the movie though is The Girl With the Vagina Made of Glass. When we left the movie theater all we could do was sing this song over and over again while laughing. We tried to explain the movie to the rest of our friends but it's a very hard thing to explain without making it sound stupid. You just have to see it. The fact that no one knew this movie (and they still don't unless one of us has showed it to them) makes it feel like it's our special movie. It was just for us and something that we all connected with together.
This was the best experience I've ever had with seeing a free movie and the song will always remind me of how my friends and I bonded over that movie.
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