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01 June 2005 @ 08:11 pm
Spring of 93  
Song: Crazy Train
Artist: Ozzy Osborne
Album: Blizzard of Oz

The summer I was sixteen I had amazing dellusions of Rock and Roll granduer. I had spent the previous spring toiling away in my first band a muddy cover band named "Ecletic". We were anything but impressive - we were all still learning how to play our instruments and how not to blow out our ear drums. We religiously poured through tableture books and back issues of Guitar World magazine trying to bang our way though several Led Zepplin staples and whatever that issues grunge song de jour was. We drew our band logo on every markable surface that crossed our path. No notebook, desk top or eager to please classmates backpack in our school was safe from the wrath of our sharpies. Our lead singer Tim went so far as to carve our bands name on his forearm with a pen knife which is horrifying for me to now look back on now as an adult. To think of what it must look like now 12 years after , and how he explains the lack of pigment more crooked than even the worst of prison tattoos to his two children. But at the time, it was totally bad ass. His heavy metal attitude, dedication to the band, the fact that he chained smoked Marlboro "reds" and had already been drunk twice in his life made us feel like rock stars.
He was our lead singer for four glorious months... and he never once sang into the mic. He used to do a lot of growling and snarling of lyrics and he took a lot of cigarette breaks (and he had a bitching curly mullet) but he did not do a whole lot of actual singing. He always said that he didn't want to wreck his throat... he was saving it for our first show. A show that never Happened, because our guitarist Joe was grounded for poor grades in math - which is totally the high school equivilant of having a band memeber go to rehab.
During this time, Joe and I became very close. We would hang out in his basement and listen to CDs on his boom box - trying to learn new songs down to every last note of their solos. Some where in his basement we moved a little away from the Black Sabbath, Metallica and Green Jello (fuck yeah they were green jello back then) songs that were ALL Timmy wanted to cover... and were finding tracks on Radiohead’s Pablo Honey, Smashing Pumpkins Gish or Lemonheads albums that we were really having fun playing. God forbid Timmy find out. He would have kicked our asses and insisted we play Ugly Kid Joe’s - I hate everything about you, the only song he would actually sing, one more time
Pretty soon, Timmy stopped coming to pratices as often, and I started inviting other friends to come and jam in Joe’s Basement. Jesse who loved the Beatles and the Queen but better yet - HE SANG! INTO THE MICROPHONE! Justin who bled Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana - John who was the living carnation of the muppet Animal. We played together and we had fun. Joe and I felt like musicians. Timmy felt left out, and told us off after he caught all five of us in Joe’s basement listening to Paul Mcartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed” before pratice. He looked at us as though he caught us eating german shit eating porn. He stormed out, only to call us from a pay phone up the road 15 minuets later to melodramatically quit the band.

That’s how my first real band Shagg (with two g’s) was born.
We knew how to play songs, so we felt like musicians...
But we didn’t “Rock” , not for awhile at least.
Timmy was the rock.

Hearing Crazy Train always reminds me of him and the spring I felt like a high school rock goddess.
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: Black Sabbath
(Anonymous) on June 25th, 2005 05:38 pm (UTC)
From: John "The Ekranoplan" Charlton
Reunion it is!
Joe is MIA lately.
I agree, no Jesse boo and his creepy mother. Unless he brings us our Vintage Gold Glitter Ludwig Kit. Then he can come, but as soon as I have the drums he should leave. And the way I've always pictured it is that Detective Axel foley will put bannanas in his car exhaust while he is distracted so as he drives away his car will sputter and cough and I'll laugh and luagh as his face turns red and the veins pop out and he putters off down the road.

(as an aside check out www.jessereiswig.com)

Do you think VH1 will be interested?