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I'm an old school mix maker. I remember slaving away over my stereo in those halcyon days before mp3 play lists and DVD burners. The days when making mixes actually took some thought and effort and the songs you picked actually MEANT something. How many profound sentiments could you share with your friend before the 45 minuets of tape clicked you over to the other side. God forbid a song got cut off. Then you would have to rewind and backtrack. Pain in the ass? Yes. More meaningful? Also yes. Share with your listener why they mean something. Now, it could be something as simple as "I picked Panama by Van Halen because this song rocks" but I encourage, little anecdotes or funny stories. Whatever. It's going to make it like an informative diary. Help all of us appreciate new bands,or rediscover old songs and music. Also get a little insight into the other people in this community.This community is for people who are creative music lovers. You should not only love to listen to music but have a love of writing. If you have a livejournal you must already have some interest in it. This is your chance to write something original that will make other people want to listen to not only your words but listen to a song from a whole new point of view: yours! This community is about music and what it means to us as individuals.
Rules of this community:
- No promotions. We do not want to hear why your cousin's gilrfriend's band is great and we should all listen to them. We also don't want to hear about why we should join yet ANOTHER lame rating community.
- No posts recommending playlists or songs without explaining why you chose them. The point of this is that the songs you post should have a story to go along with them, we don't want to hear what was on your ipod while you sat in line at the DMV this morning (unless you include funny little stories about the people waiting on line with you.)
- Respect the other members. Do not flame someone because you think Britney Spears sucks and that happens to be what they posted. If they are posting it here it obviously means something to them so don't attack their choices.
- All antagonistic or rude posts will be rejected.
- This is not a "who can out-indie who" community. If you happent to like an obscure or very new song that reminds you of a funny story or anecdote feel free to use it. Don't feel pressured to use songs that we have never heard before. Don't make anyone else feel pressured into doing so either.
- Your entry should be formatted like so:
Song title:
and your explanation goes here. You can include pictures if you want, but please put them under a cut.
- For God's sake people - put some feeling into it! We want to know why every time you hear a song it makes an image, a memory, a person, a place pop into your mind immediately. If the music or the memories mean nothing to you... why should they mean something to us? There are a million playlist and rating communites out there who would be happy to have you join. We are trying to do something a little different. We want you to make us feel what you feel.
- If you want to upload a song to share it with the community you can do so on Yousendit!. It will stay up for one week and then the link will expire.
-If you need a p2p file sharing program you can go to Zeropaid to see reviews of the newest programs and new versions of your old favorites.